Printing Inks & Supplies
Lithographic, Flexographic Screen &
Digital Inks
GUM Dental Care Products
Flossers, Brushes
Orthodontic Waxes, Tongue Cleaner, etc.
Electronic Supplies
Button, Rechargeable, Cordless phone
remote batteries earphones, Pendrive

We offer to you the best quality products at a cost that would not dig a hole in your pocket!

Our range of products is wide and diverse, including:
• Textile and Solvent Screen Inks
• Photo Emulsion
• Squeegee Rubber
• Amberlith and Rubylith
• Spray Adhesive
• Spray Powder
• Fountain Solutions
• Numbering Ink
• R/B Ink

Come to Simon Perry for the best ink products and services in town!

Printing Supplies

Screen Printing
Plastisol Textile Inks
Water-based Textile Inks
Screen Inks for Plastics & Glass
Screen Meshes
Masking Films
Squeegee Rubber
Photo Emulsion
Puff Additive
Stencil Remover
Spray Adhesive
Screen Opener
Screen Wash
Ink Reducers
Ink Retarders
Plate Cleaner
Printing Blankets

Process Inks
Pantone Basic Colours
Custom Colour Matching
O/P Varnish
Rubber Based Inks
Web o/s Inks
L/P Numbering Ink
Stenciling Ink
Numbering Ink
Ink Reducer
Fountain Solutions
Gum Arabic
Spray Powder
Razor Blades
Blanket Repair
Printing Plates

Water-based Inks for paper & paper board
Solvent-based inks for plastics

Consumer Products

GP Battery
Alkaline AA
Alkaline AAA
Alkaline 9V
Alkaline AAAA
Alkaline N Size
Cordless Phone
Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Chargers
Car Alarm (23A & 27A)
Coincell Batteries
Camera Batteries

GUM Dental Care
Tooth Brushes
Floss Waxed Weaved Mint
Floss Threader
Kid’s Flosser
Stimulator Handle
Proxabrush Refil
Proxabrush Handle
Soft Pick
Go Between Cleaner
Orthodontic Wax
Tongue Cleaner